1983 Prototype Disney Zippo Lighter

May 09, 2020 1 min read 2 Comments

This Zippo lighter was made in 1983 by Zippo Manufacturing for Walt Disney Productions.  Unfortunately 1983 was the year that Walt Disney decided to stop selling Zippo lighters, so the Black Matte finished models never went into production.  The colors on this Mickey Mouse lighter really pop against the finish and it's incredible condition make it a very rare collectible.

To dive deeper into the Wonderful World of Disney Zippo lighters please check out this detailed article on Flints and Flames written by Gary Gilmore.



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Daniel DeMato
Daniel DeMato

October 09, 2020

Great blog… very informative. thanks

Christopher Corlett
Christopher Corlett

September 24, 2020

Very interesting and stunning to look at! Thank you Chuck got posting this info and link.

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